What Do I Need For A Bearded Dragon Setup?

In recent years, the number of reptiles kept as a pet has increased immensely. The wide variety of species available, the number of pet stores that make them available, the convenience of purchasing reptiles online and increasing reptile shows in cities are a few of the many major factors that have lead to this increase in the number of reptiles as pets. While keeping a reptile as a pet and snatching away their wild habitat, is a very debated topic, many raise morality issues to oppose this budding business of keeping reptiles as pets. Amidst all these oppositions, people argue and vouch for multiple reasons a reptile should be preferred as a pet.

Reptiles being relatively quiet, odorless and compatible with modern lifestyles, make them a popular choice and a top reason for being captured and bred as pets. They are considered the most rewarding as well as a gratifying exotic pet. As grim as the situation is, people still enjoy having an exotic reptile as their pet to showcase their imported lifestyles.

Bearded dragons as pets:

 What Do I Need For A Bearded Dragon Setup?

With an increasing number of people wanting to own this docile, friendly, exotic and easily adaptable reptile as their pet, any indecision of preferring them as a pet is gradually being resolved.

Originally found in the arid deserts of Australia,  these reptiles are pretty easy and low cost maintained in terms of setting up a habitat for them.  A few things that you need to take care of our lighting and temperature, apart from which there are no special requirements of petting this exotic breed of reptile. These creatures show a tendency of affection as they bond with their owner, over a course of time. If you have the thought of owning a reptile as a pet, here are some of the reasons why the bearded dragon is just the right answer for you.

  • Overall setup as well as veterinary care, bearded dragons can comparatively be quite cost-effective. Overall inexpensive to care for, these reptiles make a great pet.
  • Their docile nature makes them a much more preferable option. When felt threatened, they can bite you but be aggressive is not their natural tendency, so as long as they are taken care of and handled gently, they can be extremely affectionate.
  • Pet foods are generally expensive, but the diet of bearded dragons including most of the greens, live insects and fruits are comparatively very inexpensive.
  • Once they feel comfortable and at home, these reptiles are actually pretty tolerant towards other animal species as pets. Though the interaction needs to be supervised there are lots of bonding incidences of bearded dragons with cats and dogs.

Considering everything, one can not deny that bearded dragons make a great pet for beginners with reptiles, as well as for the enthusiasts who love reptiles as a pet.

Habitat setup:

 What Do I Need For A Bearded Dragon Setup?

The only relatively hard part of owning these reptiles as pets is getting through the learning phase, to know their requirements and finding the best-bearded dragon enclosure can be really tricky. While creating their dream habitat, it is really important to keep in mind a setup that makes these reptiles super happy as well as keeps them super healthy. Choosing the best terrarium for beginners can be a really daunting task, but if these simple steps are followed, things can turn pretty much basic.

Choosing the right tank:

A home is the first thing that you should provide them with. Being a land reptile, they don’t need much of the vertical space but enjoy roaming around and climbing up the rocks out in the wild. It is advised to provide them with free space to roam around so that they can live comfortably without feeling confined. The availability of various types of habitat can make the task a little tough, but humid free, transparent glass tanks are generally recommended.

Adding heat and light elements:

 What Do I Need For A Bearded Dragon Setup?

Hailing from the deserts in Australia, these reptiles require ample heat in order to lead a healthy life. In the wild, they love to bask out in the sun, therefore adding a basking perch underneath a basking light is a crucial requirement for replicating wild into their captive environment. They also need full-spectrum UV from the sun in order to produce calcium for stronger bones, hence providing them with UVA and UVB radiations with the help of specialized fluorescent bulbs is advisable.

Food and water bowl:

This particular step is crucial for any pet that you own. While there is no hard and fast rule about the type of bowl but it is advised to use a shallow transparent bowl, so that baby bearded dragons can see through and prevent any drowning incidents. It is also advised to keep food bowls away from the basking area, as it can spoil it easily.

Add decor and substrate:

A reptile cage carpet is the best option for avoiding your pet to walk around on the bare glass. These are inexpensive and easy to clean carpets but should be replaced frequently. A basking perch that is big enough for the reptile to climb and stable is the most important thing to add in the tank. Avoid using live plants, as they can eat them but fake decor plants work best for enhancing the beauty of the tank.

A comfortable home, adequate food and interactive day with regular check-ups, goes a long way and helps your pet having a good life even in a captive environment.

Know your reptile:

 What Do I Need For A Bearded Dragon Setup?

Apart from taking care of the setup and the food, it is really important that you look after and try and understand your pet a little better each day. Analyzing their reactions, behavior patterns can not only help you with forming a great bond with them but can also help you know about any discomfort and illness. Monitoring conditions inside the tank is also an absolute necessity, as the basking temperature and lighting need to be adjusted.

Maintaining hygiene and safety can also help your pet to live longer as well as healthier in best bearded dragon enclosure.

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